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Creative Card Acceptance offers the merchant services and products of 3 great companies in PayJunction, Capital Bankcard, and Harbortouch. The 3 vendors have been carefully chosen to compliment each other. Similarities between the 3 include great customer reviews and no exit fees for most accounts. There are important contrasts as well. One provider may excel in professional offices such as dental, medical, or law offices, or at multi-location and multi-department facilities including automotive dealerships. Another may be better for small, single-location retailers, or those who need mobile processing, while another may be most capable of providing electronic cash registers with integrated card processing, as well as omni-functional point-of-sale (POS) systems. Craig Clausen of Creative Card Acceptance will assess your situation and recommend the vendor and products to creatively help your business process payment cards including the new chipped EMV cards, plus get you on your way to accepting mobile wallets, and digitally converting checks, all at the most affordable pricing.
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